“Exposed: The Brazen Schemes of Freedom24, a Shady Brokerage” Sponsoring -(Financial Lithuanians, Dividendu Experimentas Gintaras Pociūnas, Emilis Abramavičius, & Aleksandr Lukjanov)

Ok so let’s dive deep her into exposing some of Lithuania’s financial YouTubers, this will be a fun & valuably enlightening exposé. Let’s briefly introduce what these characters involved in this tragic comedy! So while at the same time that these individuals and collectives of Lithuanian financial propagators. If even one individual is saved the awful decision of following in the grift in choosing freedom24 because of my unbiased & eye opening information then I will know the world is a better place for my shining a light on the subject!



Fees: The fees that Freedom24 charges are much higher when compared to other actually reputable brokerages.


When you look at the yearly interest rate here at 18% for a portfolio loan it is a completely non starter. For example using Nordnet a Swedish/Nordic (Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland) based brokerage you will get around a 4% yearly interest rate. So with just this one example you can see how inferior Freedom24 is.

Freedom24 has an affiliate program that runs similarly to a multi level marketing scheme meaning that the more people that sign up using an advertisers link the more the advertiser will make. This is what encourages these Lithuanian YouTubers to work together in collusion which Financial Lithuanian clearly does to essentially grow out their bubble of affiliate marketing & thus carve out financial gain for themselves while pushing an inferior & brokerage that suffers from major risks and holes within itself.

Humanitarian aid?

Leaving the Russian market?


Now for an extra introspective of the three individuals mentioned in this article they do not deserve too much text written on them but a brief minimal description is due. All three were given a chance to privately discuss allegations that High IQ Wealth via Instagram direct messages charged against them, however as expected all 3 decided that the block button served their insecure feelings & interests more conveniently instead of the truth. Now if instead they had an epiphany & understood that they are promoting a shady, risky, non-optimal, & continued pejorative statements insert here _____ that Freedom24 matches descriptively. Well then in that case in the High IQ Wealth mindset it would be a massive victory for them & completely clear the air. However them digging deeper into the trenches leaves no other choice but for the initiation of High IQ Wealth to open up the justice of investigation & enlightenment that is deserved to be concluded upon.

Gintaras Pociūnas – He has been exposed for deceptive practices & go sum it up being unauthentic by a big time & highly legitimate/credible & respected Lithuanian investigative style YouTuber: Skirmantas Malinauskas whom has over 145,000 subscribers.

Emilis Abramavičius – Not much to say here other than someone with a closed & limited mindset in the financial sphere without unique value to be add other than a tendency to regurgitate. Is famous for dividend investing which again is done in a very basic manner just as the rest of his content is meant to be accessible to the lowest common denomination in order to maximize engagement of the target audience of inexperienced and vulnerable individuals.

Aleksandr Lukjanov – High IQ Wealth has an article on Aleksandr https://www.highiqwealth.com/?p=432. Focuses on inexperienced investors on his YouTube channel in order to exploit a vulnerable target audience.


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